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Heath Slater is training a 7-foot man that claims to be the son of legendary boxer Smokin’ Joe Frazier

There have been a handful of famous sons of celebrities to try their hand at professional wrestling. The most recent example that I can recall is the son of Kris Kristofferson. Yes, Kris Kristofferson tried to make it in WWE and he trained at the Performance Center in Orlando but things did not work out and he was released in 2013. We haven’t heard much from him since he dropped off from the independent scene last year. It just goes to show that it takes more than a famous name to make it in WWE.

Well, someone who claims to be the son of Smokin’ Joe Frazier is trying to become a professional wrestler. Heath Slater announced on Twitter that Zeus Frazier is the newest student at the “Face 2 Face Wrestling” school in Morrow, GA. I did some digging and found out that his real name is¬†Ernest Mazyck and I haven’t been able to find anything credible that confirms that he is the son of Smokin’ Joe.

Slater says that Zeus is 315 lbs and stands at 7 feet tall. We kept digging and found out that Mazyck was born on October 5, 1978 so he would turn 40 this year, which would hurt his chances at making it with WWE.

Here is a photo posted on Slater’s Twitter account:

Face To Face Wrestling has helped produce some familiar names including Apollo Crews and Impact Wrestling Knockout Kiera Hogan.

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