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Heath Slater not drafted, could he end up in EVOLVE?

WWE is playing up the storyline regarding Heath Slater not being drafted on Tuesday night. For those that missed it on the WWE Network, Slater was left alone in a room and the lights were turned out as they went off the air. is playing it up like he's a free agent. The article notes, "Any independent promotion with an ear to the ground knows Slater would be a respectable acquisition. Rumors have even surfaced that sports-entertainment’s newest free agent has already been in talks with EVOLVE Wrestling’s Gabe Sapolsky and has reached out to William Regal regarding promotions in the United Kingdom."

EVOLVE has a working relationship with WWE and it's not out of the realm of possibilty for them to send him there or perhaps send him down to NXT so he can help out some of the younger talent. My guess is that they will have him appear on both Raw and Smackdown for a few weeks in a comedy role and he can play up that he's a free agent.

You can check out the interview by clicking here.

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