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Heath Slater returned to WWE Monday Night Raw to wrestle old friend Drew McIntyre



This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Dolph Ziggler said that his stipulation at WWE Extreme Rules is a secret and Drew McIntyre will not know what type of match he will wrestle in until the pay-per-view.

Ziggler claimed that McIntyre left a lot of people behind over the years and then he brought out Heath Slater, who was among the wrestlers who were released in April. Slater's non-compete expires on July 18 so WWE can still use him up until that date.

Slater claimed that he checked on McIntyre when he was released several years ago but McIntyre never called Slater when he was released in April. Slater ended up slapping McIntyre and this led to a challenge being issued and McIntyre accepted. Slater wrestled in street clothes and lost to McIntyre in less than 30 seconds after taking the Claymore.

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Ziggler attacked Slater after the match and McIntyre ran out to save his old friend. They hugged and posed in the ring with Slater clearly getting emotional since this is likely his last WWE appearance.