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Heath Slater says Brock Lesnar better watch out because it’s his turn to be a champion now

Heath Slater is one charismatic son-of-a-gun. He was a free agent before John Cena, he’s got kids and he’s also a One Man Band. Crowds all over love him and even if he’s dressed like a chicken and ripping off Dolph Ziggler’s clothes while he’s dressed as Colonel Sanders, Slater is always great. But seriously let’s just have a moment of silence to think about how weird that entire KFC SummerSlam commercial really was.

Anyway, chicken sponsorship included Heath Slater has paid his dues. He’s been in the company way longer than most could dream of and he’s done just about as many favors as one could ask for as well. The veteran pro wrestler has been with WWE 11 eleven years in total at this point and some would say he’s more than due for a shot on top. He sometimes gets a taste of glory to tide his fans over (and feed his kids) like when he won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with Rhyno to a thunderous pop. But all-in-all he’s still regarded as a top enhancement talent.

Even though Slater might be amazing at what he does which is make guys look really good, he noticed a recent trend with some of his former stablemates in 3MB. Both Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre are sitting on top of their respective rosters holding top titles and Heath Slater says it’s his time. He’s done the math and wants a piece of Brock Lesnar next.

Who knows if Heath Slater will get the chance to tangle with Lesnar because honestly we could do without it just for the sake of Slater’s bones. But it’s hard to argue Heath hasn’t paid his dues and deserves the shot. He recently opened a wrestling school in Atlanta just in case you ever want to get Face2Face with him IRL so it would appear he’s building a future for himself that can live on long after his in-ring career is over.

Adam Cole might be in WWE now but Heath Slater has been yelling “baby!” after his name for years in Vince’s Circus Of Suplexes. Now we just have to wait and see if Heath Slater will get a true taste of the main event scene like his buddies.

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