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Heath Slater says he still doesn’t know the truth about the WWE travel issues from Saudi Arabia



Heath Slater reflected on the WWE travel issues from Saudi Arabia last year that caused numerous conspiracy theories as to what exactly happened that caused the delays.

The majority of the WWE crew spent over 24 hours in the country due to issues with their plane in order to return to the United States. One of the more interesting theories was that the Crown Prince caused the plane to stay at the airport after Vince McMahon cut off Crown Jewel TV feed in Saudi Arabia due to money issues.

Slater did so when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast. The former WWE star started off by talking about how it’s one of those things where you are there and you know something's up but you don’t know the exact problem.

“I heard there were mechanical reasons and it was this and it was that. When I was on the plane, I fell asleep for five hours and when I woke up, I looked over at Hawkins. I'm like, 'Where are we at' and he says we haven't even left yet.”

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At this moment, Slater recalled thinking what the heck was going on. He stated that they got off the plane and went over to the hotel in order to wait longer to get back on the plane in hopes of leaving.

When the topic of being in that type of environment and whether he ever felt in danger was brought up, Slater stated that you don’t think about it but rather go back to your normal routine such as working out, eating, and sleeping.

"You don't really think about being uncomfortable because there's nothing uncomfortable around you," said Slater. "You're just in the hotel again. Everyone was really nice and friendly, but you don't really know. That makes it even scarier sometimes [laughs]."

Despite the problems, shortly thereafter, WWE and Saudi Arabia announced that they’ve expanded their partnership through 2027. The company held its most recent event in the country earlier this year and is planning to make a return later this year.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below: