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Heath Slater says Nexus was supposed to beat Team WWE until plans changed 4 hours before SummerSlam



Heath Miller, aka former WWE star Heath Slater, was interviewed this week on David Penzer's "Sitting Ringside" podcast.

Heath talks about his start in the wrestling business, FCW and Nexus, his run in WWE, how he was told that he was being released, his move to Impact Wrestling, what the future holds for him in pro wrestling and much more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

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Heath gave his opinion of what happened with the Nexus angle resulting in Daniel Bryan being fired from WWE: “They said they released him because of the choking scene and the spitting but to be fair, they literally told us to do whatever the hell we wanted. They told us to take everything out and make it look like a bomb went off in the middle of the ring. We were told the only thing you can’t do is touch the cameras and touch the fans. I think everything we did was what they wanted but I think what the USA network said was, 'Oh my goodness, you are choking this dude. You are spitting everywhere. This is uncalled for.' So they had to do something. But it was not his fault. We all knew that was bullsh*t”

Heath said that Nexus was supposed to go over Team WWE: “When we got there, we were going over. Then 4 hours before we went live, we were not. Something happened. Someone went in there. Everyone points the finger, but who really knows what happened. Vince may have changed his mind. Who knows? I know that we were winning. Jericho and Edge pretty much structured it to where we were and it was great and then it never happened.”

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