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Heath Slater talks being kept on a lower level at WWE



Former WWE Superstar Heath Slater recently appeared on the Chris Van Vliet podcast. The ‘One Man Band’ would talk a number of topics from his lengthy career with WWE during the interview. One of the points discussed was Slater's lack of progression from the 'lower levels' of the card.

"I kind of feel like with WWE, they always have these tiers or shelves" Slater began. "You start at the bottom shelf, then there's always that top shelf. Then? You got the middle shelves, you know, it's just like at a grocery store. But I felt like, for some reason? I'm always on that second shelf, and could never get to the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth shelf."

Slater would continue the analogy, saying "whenever they wanted to use me they took me off the second shelf...but then they put me right back. Why can't I climb up to the third, fourth level? I can have good matches with these guys and make them look amazing, like what's the problem here?"

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Since his time in the Nexus stable, Heath Slater has been used in a comedic role during his time on WWE's main roster. From being the 'One Man Band,' to 3MB and his SmackDown Tag Team title run with Rhyno? Slater has had a comedic slant that whilst entertaining, has pigeonholed him into a character that he seems desperate to move away from.

Throughout his interview with Van Vliet, Slater would indicate that he is looking to really show the world what he can do in the ring. With the potential to move to the likes of IMPACT, AEW, ROH, NJPW, NWA and more he has a lot of options when it comes to showcasing his skills.

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