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Heath Slater on joining 205 Live, wants a shot at The Miz’s IC Title

Heath Slater hasn’t stopped since he first started rocking and there’s no sign of him slowing down baby! He keeps finding ways to stay on WWE TV and has reinvented his character on many occasions. He’s been a One Man Band, part of a Three Man Band, he’s got kids, and he’s the pride of West Virginia. Needless to say, Heath Slater’s had a wild ride so far.

One fan commented to Heath Slater recently that he should consider another career move when they sent a tweet saying: “Cruiserweight is the thing for u…I think it’s time U becomes the rockstar of Cruiserweights.”

It didn’t take Slater long to formulate a response. After all, he’s been mixing it up with heavyweights for so long he probably couldn’t see himself taking the kind of fast paced bumps necessary in keeping up with the 205 Live guys.

We wouldn’t want to see him change things either. His repartee with Rhyno is still gold and their partnership has plenty of life left in it. But in all reality, the reason Heath Slater gave as to why he won’t be joining the Cruiserweight Division was pretty funny too.

Besides, Heath Slater is plenty busy with his new career goal. He said on Raw that ever since he was a kid he’s wanted to carry the WWE Intercontinental Championship. It was the belt of his heroes, and since he’s got kids he has to be the hero for that double-wide trailer full of his offspring in West Virginia.

Heath Slater made it very clear that he’s going for his dream last night after he beat The Miz. It looks like Miz has another problem to solve in Heath Slater and it might be a hard task to beat. After all, Heath Slater has come down with Cinderella victories before. It’s just another day at the ball for the One Man Band.


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