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Heavy Machinery didn't know they would be separated in the WWE Draft until it was announced on Talking Smack



This week on the "Table Talk" podcast, D-Von Dudley welcomed Otis, Tucker and Mandy Rose as his guests. Otis and Tucker talked about their run so far in WWE, almost ruining the YOLO tag titles, being on different brands, El Gran Gordo and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Tucker was asked what he felt when he found out he and Otis were going to be separated after the draft: “Terrible. Just terrible. I found out at the last minute like most of the things that happen here. It’s just part of being a WWE Superstar. I found out live on Talking Smack. It is what it is. It is good and bad but mostly disappointing because Heavy Machinery feels like they have some things to achieve like the tag team championships.”

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Otis told us how he came up with the Heavy Machinery name: “We had these Performance Center shows. We test things out to see how it looks on camera. So you basically wrestle in front of your peers and coaches. Kayla Braxton came in for the post-match interview and asked what do we call you two hunk of men. I said, Heavy Machinery. That kind of clicked. After about four months, we officially became Heavy Machinery.”

Mandy Rose was asked who inspired her to become a wrestler:  “To be honest, I didn’t always watch wrestling growing up. I would watch here and there. When I got older, I started watching Trish Stratus and Lita and Beth Phoenix. I would say Trish is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve seen her when I was going through my fitness career and having similar careers to getting into wrestling. I looked up to her and I realized she was a success story and it gave me the motivation and I realized I could do this. She has always been my inspiration still to this day. She is a genuine person to talk to when I see her backstage.”

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