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Hector Guerrero talks about being The Gobbledy Gooker, his relationship with Eddie Guerrero, more

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

Former WCW/WWE/TNA talent Hector Guerrero recently spoke with about various topics. During the interview, Hector was asked about his relationship with his older brother and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. Hector said that he didn’t care about the 13 year age difference between him and his brother because Eddie loved him. He added that Eddie was a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. “Eddie made his mark, and now, in wrestling, he’s like a martyr. People still chant his name, and I love that they still chant his name.”

A lot of people remember Guerrero as an announcer but he was the infamous Gobbledy Gooker, who hatched from an egg at the 1990 WWE Survivor Series PPV event. “The Gobbledy Gooker is called the biggest flop in professional wrestling history, but it wasn’t meant for the adults. It was for the children.” Guerrero added that Vince McMahon wanted to do something noble and he takes his hat off to McMahon for doing so. However, Guerrero said that the circumstances were not favorable for him as he couldn’t see out of the costume. Guerrero recalled coming out of the egg and got a bad reaction from the crowd. He added that the crowd made him feel like the biggest flop in the history of wrestling. “That’s just the way the people reacted. I was in a bad situation, and you don’t blame the boss. You blame the performer.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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