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Heel turn teased on WWE Raw as MVP looks to recruit another wrestler



This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, there was a backstage segment with MVP and Cedric Alexander. This was after he and Ricochet lost to MVP and Bobby Lashley earlier in the show.

MVP said Alexander has been holding himself back and he wondered why Alexander was content with being Ricochet's "sidekick." MVP pointed out that Ricochet has a new documentary on the WWE Network and Alexander doesn't. MVP also said that Alexander will spend the rest of his career in catering watching other people be successful if he doesn't make a change.

This is the latest person being teased for MVP's stable that has been talked about for months. MVP has also approached Apollo Crews and Shelton Benjamin in recent weeks regarding a spot.

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This may be a renewed push for Alexander. If you recall, Paul Heyman was pushing him last year until Vince McMahon made the call to bury him. Alexander has been appearing primarily on Main Event and occasionally on Raw this year.