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Help this family who lost their child to Leukemia (Please read)

I know this is not wrestling news but I thought it was important enough to share this. The following was written on by Mike Johnson. If you can help with anything, even if it's just a few bucks, then I am sure the family will be grateful for your donation:

I received some pretty terrible news this week, learning that the son of one of my High School friends, Jimmy Ferrie, Sebastian, passed away at the age of only one year and seven months after a battle with Leukemia. You read that correctly - one year and seven months old.

As you can imagine, this is an absolutely terrible tragedy. We all go through our day to day life and deal with the ups and downs and get mad and upset and worried and stressed, but Sebastian's family, they have been through the worst thing that life can ever possibly throw at someone.

Sebastian's family pretty much did everything they could, emotionally and especially financially to assist him in his battle, and unfortunately for everyone, there wasn't a happy ending, only an absolute tragedy that leaves you asking how life could be so unfair.

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While unfortunately nothing could be done to help Sebastian, there is something that we can do to help his family as they try to make their way through this darkness and I humbly ask that if you can, please assist his friends and I.

A number of my friends from High School have established a page to help offset the funeral costs of Sebastian's services. His family literally spent everything they could to help him in his battle and now it's time for their friends to do what they can as well.

I get that life is tough and money is scarce for everyone in today's world, but if you can, please feel free to donate at this link. If you can't, please, please say a prayer for Sebastian and especially his family. I can't fathom what they are going through.

Again, I thank you for taking the time to read this post.