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Here’s all we know about Rey Mysterio’s injury so far

Rey Mysterio reportedly suffered an injury at an indie event on Saturday night in a tag match with Flip Gordon against Joey Mercury and Caleb Konley.

Dave Meltzer talked about this situation Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained how Mysterio alerted Joey Mercury of his injury during the match and Mercury was ready to call an audible for the finish but Mysterio just went straight to the planned finish instead. So at least he finished the match. But what comes after might not be the best story if a positive diagnosis on his biceps isn’t in the picture.

Meltzer said people who were backstage at the event told him that Mysterio’s arm looked very bruised and he could have a torn muscle. But at this point, it’s still unclear just how injured Rey Mysterio is.


There are several options for Mysterio and hopefully, we’ll have a better picture of how bad his injury is very soon. But if he requires surgery his recovery time could be lengthy and require him to miss some very important dates coming.

Meltzer noted that guys have worked with torn biceps before so New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Strong Style Evolved event in Long Beach where Mysterio is set to take on Jushin “Thunder” Liger isn’t out of the picture. But usually, WWE wants guys to come in after fixing an injury like a torn biceps muscle.

Of course, it was noted that Rey Mysterio is a different situation entirely and his name alone could mean that he would be permitted to come in and work even if he was still suffering from some kind of light injury. But in my opinion, after Dean Ambrose’s triceps muscle blew up on him like it did causing him to miss an outrageous amount of in-ring time WWE might want Mysterio to play it safe and get the surgery first.

Let’s all just cross our fingers and hope for the best in this situation and we’ll keep you up to date as soon as new information comes out.


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