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Here’s what Braun Strowman’s manager is requesting when promoters inquire about bookings



Earlier this week it was reported that Braun Strowman had an asking price of five figures for post-WWE indie appearances.

On Thursday, Strowman took to Twitter to dismiss the report, as seen below: came out with a report today with more details. It was said Strowman’s manager Nick Antocelli has quoted $20,000 – $25,000 for a three hour appearance. These figures have been quoted to multiple indie promoters that have reached out with interest in booking him.

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In addition to the price, Strowman’s manager is also asking for first class airfare, a two-night hotel stay, plus all meals and ground transportation to be covered.

So while Strowman denies talking with promoters about bookings, his agent is listening to offers and ultimately Strowman will make the decision. Strowman will be free to sign with other promotions on Tuesday, August 31 when his 90-day non-compete clause expires.