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Homicide on what it feels like to be back in ROH, why he thought he would never be back, Joe Pesci influencing his character

Homicide was recently interviewed on the ROHStrong podcast. Homicide talked about returning to ROH after a seven-year absence to join Brody King, Chris Dickinson and Tony Deppen in Violence Unlimited; wrestling on the inaugural ROH show; winning the ROH World Title from Bryan Danielson and their best-of-five series; his long history with Jay Lethal; wrestling CM Punk in a strip club; his infamous match against Necro Butcher; the four wrestlers he thinks should be first-ballot ROH Hall of Famers, and much more

Here are a couple of highlights from the interview:

Homicide has returned to ROH as part of the Violence Unlimited.  He was asked, “What was it like after seven years to be back inside working in an ROH ring?”

“I was very surprised, to be honest with you.  It was more a lot of emotional things going through my head, like, ‘Is this for real?’  I got a phone call.  They basically told me to come to the venue. Myself, Brody King, Chris Dickinson, Tony Deppen, they gave me the blueprint of what’s going on.  My job, I was still like, yea, ok, like a regular day.  Go to work, get paid, and leave.  In the end, that’s when I realized, wow, I’m really back.  I can’t believe this.  That’s when it really hit me afterwards. 

I’m still to this day a little bit surprised of this great comeback because, when I left Ring of Honor, I thought I was never going to come back, not because of a bad political or business wise.  It was just one of those, I did everything.  Now that I see that I’m older right now, I see myself doing more stuff for the company and make it bigger than the way it is right now.  I’m very blessed right now to be part of this group, and be part of a new chapter and a new era.  Back in the days, a lot of fans never saw my work in the oldies of Ring of Honor, and I raised some hell.  You really think people like Steve Austin raised hell and those WWF men, I raised hell back in the day with the Rottweilers.  We had some famous feuds with people’s heroes like CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Colt Cabana, BJ Whitmer, that list goes on and on.  I’m just very blessed and very happy to be part of this new era.”

Homicide said he has studied Joe Pesci movies to develop his character:

“Joe Pesci and Terry Funk equals Homicide. Joe Pesci is a big part of Homicide. What I do is I study movies and I take their style and their craft. I study his character from Goodfellas, my all time favorite movie. I study his character in Casino. I even studied Home Alone just to be stupid and comedic. But, Joe Pesci is one. Number two is Bruiser Brody.”

Check out the full interview on the ROHStrong podcast by clicking here.

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