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Honky Tonk Man says Randy Savage would get sick and throw up before WrestleMania's and Saturday Night's Main Event



Gerald Brisco and John Layfield welcomed WWE Hall Of Famer The Honky Tonk Man as their guest this week on "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw."

HTM talking about how he became Intercontinental Champion in 1987:

“I just fell into that. People sometimes don’t want to understand or believe how it happened, but some things just happen in this business. I just happened to be walking down the hallway and Hulk and Vince were talking. I was coming from an interview or something. We were in Buffalo at the War Memorial. I was just walking down the hallway and Hulk said, ‘What about this guy?’ Vince said, ‘Well, maybe so. I’ll let you guys talk’, and he walked away. Then Vince told me that Ricky (Steamboat) was wanting to go away and take some time off, and Butch (Reed) wasn’t there. It was getting to be the 11th hour and they needed to put the show together and he said, ‘I need to put the belt on somebody. I need somebody to run with this thing. It’s got to be in the towns. It can’t be sitting in somebody’s house.’ I said, ‘Well Vince, if you give me that belt, I’ll run with it. That’s my deal with you. If I work, you pay me. If I don’t draw, you don’t have to fire me, I’ll go home.’ That was our deal. We went out that night and I got the belt from Ricky. Ricky did come back and work some return matches with me. They were really good. I enjoyed working with Ricky.”

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HTM on working with Randy Savage:

“Randy had to have everything laid out, everything, every night. I didn’t see paperwork, but we had to go over it every night. If we had two shows, Sacramento on a Saturday afternoon and San Francisco that night, the only thing different was the length of walk from the ramp to the ring and backstage. Nothing changed. I got to the point where I would hide from him. He would come looking. I would see him, and I would go in the bleachers and peek between the bleachers and watch him. He would go to Jimmy Hart and say, ‘Where’s that Honky Tonk Man?’ The music would hit, and all of a sudden I would reappear right at the curtain, and he didn’t have time to talk about it, so we would just go out there and do it. But I found out we worked a lot better if I let him come and tell me and put it together because I knew if something needed to change, I could change it anyway. It was no big deal. He liked to have it structured. I understand that later on, Randy would get so deathly nauseated before these Saturday Night Main Events and WrestleManias, that he would just have to lay down and be sick and throwing up.”

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