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Hornswoggle: Friendship with CM Punk ended over a phone number

As noted yesterday, Hornswoggle (now going under the name Swoggle) has a new shoot interview up with Kayfabe Commentaries. CM Punk’s name came up and he was asked why his friendship with Punk ended. According to Swoggle, Punk was upset after Swoggle lost his phone and asked Punk for the number of a mutual friend. Punk took it as Swoggle using his friendship and that was the end of the relationship.

This story sounds like what happened with Chris Jericho. Several months after Punk left WWE, Chris Jericho said that he tried to reach out to Punk but never heard back. Punk responded on Colt Cabana’s podcast: “So if you’re out there and I stopped talking to you, it’s because you had an agenda. You weren’t checking in on me because you were f****** concerned about me. You wanted to be like ‘oh, I spoke to Punk’ and you wanted to use our private conversation as some sort of a weird f****** way to grab hits, or whatever the f*** you call them.”

It should be noted that Jericho said that he texted Punk to see how he was doing and he never asked him to do his podcast.

You can check out the clip with Swoggle below and click here for the extended trailer.


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