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Hornswoggle on being intimidated by Vince McMahon, upsetting The Great Khali with restaurant order, more

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Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo spoke to former WWE superstar Hornswoggle about his career, and his thoughts on current wrestling. He shared hysterical stories; from accidentally making The Great Khali angry, falling asleep during an Undertaker match causing him to miss his cue, his major regret when it comes to Vince McMahon and more.

Below are some key highlights and quotes from the interview.

Hornswoggle Says Vince McMahon Is Not A D***K and That He Regrets Not Picking His Brain More 

I was so intimidated and I think that’s one of my biggest regrets in my career is, I worked with him {Vince McMahon} every week, with him, next to him within these scenes and I should have just randomly picked his brain. Because he would have answered any question I had. He’s that kind of person where he doesn’t care. You ask him something, he’ll answer it…. I wish I would have taken the opportunity but I was 21 years old and he’s the boss…. I just talked about how intimidating he is and people walk on eggshells around him at times. And I get asked every time, ‘ Is he mean, is he a dick?’ No. He’s like any boss. If my boss at Target wants this job done this way and I do it this way, he’s not going to be happy. Like any boss. Now this boss runs a weekly worldwide television show, multiple shows a week, on top of running the company, on top of running the merchandise, the advertising, everything. He runs the show, he has his hands in every cookie jar with that company. As long as you do what he asks and you fulfill that, you’re golden.

Hornswoggle Says He Was Once Hungover Under The Ring Waiting For His Cue In A Segment w/ The Undertaker and Finlay Had To Wake Him Up 

There is a famous story in the book that we talk about how that night I was supposed to do a spot with the Undertaker, where Finlay was gonna come under, roll me out, throw me in the ring and I was gonna have an interaction with the Undertaker. The night before I was a little over served on the tour, I had a few too many and I was sleeping under the ring and I am laying face down. Finlay lifts the apron and just sees me laying face down, he thought I got knocked out from one of the beams, nope I was just sleeping. He goes, ‘Hey! Wake up!’ I wake up, I look at him, and he goes, ‘what are you doing?’ and he throws me in there {the ring} and now I realize ‘Oh Shoot, I just missed my cue. And the Undertaker is above me. ‘ He throws me into the ring and the whole time I am going, ‘I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry.’ {laughs} … but he gets to the back and goes ‘what happened?’ and I go ‘ I fell asleep’ and he goes, ‘You fell asleep!?’ It’s one of those things we look back on and we laugh about so much now because just everything leading up to it was awesome. It’s one of those cool moments, I will never forget.

Hornswoggle Says The Longest Time He Spend Under A Ring Was 7 HOURS

7 HOURS.  I was under there for 7 hours one time, I slept. That was the craziest part, I could fall asleep under there. And I could hear what was going on above me, I could hear the matches just by the movements and the crowd reactions. I would know what was going on above me. I would bring my PSP, my gaming device under there. Play that and sleep and just hang out. I was comfortable. I would get dressed under there.

Hornswoggle Reveals The Great Khali’s Favorite American Food & Restaurant and The Time He Made Him VERY Mad Over A Cheeseburger  

He eats so much. He liked Denny’s, just loved Denny’s. Because he knew what he could get. He was very new to the country at the time and to traveling like this but he knew he could order chicken and rice at Denny’s. And that’s all he would eat, just chicken breasts, chicken breasts, chicken breasts. I, dumb naive Dylan one day; he got up to use the bathroom or take a phone call, I forget, but I ordered him a burger and in Indian culture that’s not good at all. He came back and his order came, and Great Khali was not happy. I didn’t understand it at first and Daivari had to tell me and explain to me because naive Wysconsin Dylan didn’t know so I just thought that it was a complete joke that he was so appalled by this cheeseburger. No, there was a good reason. But once he realized that I didn’t know we had a good laugh about it.


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