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How CM Punk's court case could have opened up another lawsuit

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The ongoing trial of CM Punk and Dr. Chris Amann is probably going to wrap up next week and things are up in the air regarding how it will go. It will either be a very good day or bad day for CM Punk but one thing is for sure that he needs to be training for his UFC 225 fight instead of sitting in a courtroom. But with all of the information revealed in this case, could CM Punk end up taking Dr. Amann or WWE to court next?

The idea is maybe CM Punk could turn around and take Dr. Chris Amann to court if he violated HIPPA. During the case, some pieces of information were disclosed that maybe a HIPPA violation was breached after some personal medical information of CM Punk's was shared. Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he has some friends who are doctors and lawyers who he could call and ask and proposed that he do so this weekend.

"I know that you are not supposed to talk about, believe me, I know you're not supposed to talk about anything when it comes to the patient unless the patient gives their okay," Dave Meltzer said. "Because you know that's HIPPA law essentially. In a sports thing it's sometimes changed because the reality in sports because of gambling and things like that is you have to reveal injuries so it's kind of a weird deal."

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The Health Information Portability and Privacy Act laws are pretty clear and vague at the same time in regards to who can receive medical information without the patient signing a medical clearance. If it meets medical necessity then information can be shared with a medical provider and information may also be shared with family and friends who might be involved in a patient's care. But even the term "medical necessity" probably hasn't been questioned too thoroughly in a court of law and neither have the concepts of what constitutes a "medical provider" or "friend." But a doctor is only allowed to share with friends and family if the patient isn't able to give permission. If you factor in the aspect of it taking place in a sports environment it makes things even more complicated.

The issue is also present how Amann admitted during questioning that he gave CM Punk antibiotics without a prescription or keeping records. In the end, this case might not be finished even when it's over which could mean Punk's life might continue to revolve around that 2-part Art Of Wrestling podcast for a long time to come. Punk might decide he doesn't want to fire back with another lawsuit he might lose so he could just continue on his own way. But only time will tell how the initial verdict goes.

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