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How Dr. Amann's attorney could have helped CM Punk in the end



The trial between Dr. Chris Amann and CM Punk is now over and the jury came back saying CM Punk and Colt Cabana don't owe Dr. Amann a dime. Now they're stuck with legal fees but at least they don't have to pay an outrageous lawsuit.

But in the end, that ridiculous number Dr. Amann's attorney was asking for of over $3.5 million along with the fact Dr. Chris Amann wasn't damaged in any tangible way contributed to Punk's victory. But Amann's own attorney might have rubbed the jury the wrong way during his closing statements as well.

"The thing that struck me, in the end, was the closing remarks of Amann's attorney. I think when I read them I was put off by them and I think it had a lot to do with the what the jury thought as well," Dave Meltzer said during Wrestling Observer Radio. "I mean the asking for the $3 million almost $4 million essentially, I think after everything that happened in the case I think that had to have been negative."

There were a lot of obstacles for Dr. Amann's representation including the fact that so many people testified that there was actually a lump on CM Punk's back. It was also extremely difficult to prove motive of Punk to say these things about Dr, Amann either.

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"You know when you're a lawyer it's a lot like wrestling in a sense that if you do something that is believable and holds water even if it's a little bit not real or skewed or whatever people will but it or take it seriously."

"But when you take it too far the jury is going to go 'this is bullsh-t.' And the other bullsh-t thing too is when he tried to push that there was no lump, the lump is all made up and this is after the physician assistant who removed the lump had testified via videotape, this was after the massage therapist had testified seeing it, this is after Cabana testified seeing it, it was after Punk testified talking about it, it was after AJ Lee testified seeing it. To try and push like there was no lump and he made it up at that point you're just insulting peoples' intelligence you're asking them not to believe everyone."

There was also an issue about why this happened. Amann's attorney tried to tell the jury that CM Punk was mad because he wanted the main event of WrestleMania and Amann was to blame for him not getting it. The theory was proposed that CM Punk elected to stay in the match and was told to stay down because he was hurt. But regardless of the fact the main event of Mania was already booked, Dr. Amann's attorney tried to convince the jury that Punk thought if he did really good during the Royal Rumble he could change all of that.

The reality is Kane pulled CM Punk out of a match and chokeslammed him through a table. This was going to start a little rivalry with Punk and Kane which would later lead to a match at WrestleMania featuring CM Punk and Triple H. Punk obviously didn't like this booking plan but it had nothing to do with the bitterness he held against Amann.

In time this issue between CM Punk and WWE might be water under the bridge, but as we look at what this case could set a precedent for the book might never be closed in that regard.

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