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How Elias comes up with musical promos specific to each town he plays

Elias used to have a nickname and a last name too. But The Drifter Elias Samson is no more and he’s simply Elias now. But that didn’t seem to change his character. If anything it made it that much catchier because WWE now stands for “Walk With Elias.”

It looks like Elias is in the midst of a nice push as well after pinning John Cena to secure the 6th spot in the Elimination Chamber (thanks to Braun Strowman). Needless to say, Elias might just be getting started as his heel star continues to rise.

Elias recently appeared on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness where he went into a little detail about how he comes up with unique songs in every city he visits.

“So the good thing is I know where I’m gonna be next week like San Jose’s coming up and I’ve got live events. But I’ll be honest with you I write a new song for every city I go to so tomorrow for Saskatoon they’ll have a special Saska-tune and I’ll come up with something for each one. But I normally have an idea heading in there what I’ll want to sing about or talk about and it helps writing the song a little easier when it comes game time.”

Elias could very well have a songwriting career in his future if WWE doesn’t pan out. It’s actually quite impressive if he’s really coming up with every line on his own for each new town he makes. Of course, you never know in WWE. But if he keeps up this kind of momentum people could be walking with Elias for a very long time to come.

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