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Roman Reigns’ announcement on Raw could have changed WrestleMania

Roman Reigns is the Big Dog and the WWE ring is his yard now. When he defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 it seemed like he ended The Dead Man’s career and he’s wearing that fact on his illegal chest protector like a badge of honor.

When Reigns showed up on Raw this week he promised he would have an announcement for fans concerning SummerSlam. What transpired was a few minutes of self-glorification as fans booed Roman while Michael Cole simply declared it as a “thunderous reaction.” But there’s a big difference between the thunderous reaction a guy like John Cena receives and how Roman Reigns is greeted in the ring.

In the end Roman Reigns said he was going to face whoever the Universal Champion is at SummerSlam and take the Raw’s top title.

In all honesty it’s not looking good for WWE because things haven’t gone the way they thought they would. The Observer notes if plans have changed for Roman Reigns then he might pick up the Universal Title ahead of time at SummerSlam. If that’s the case then the planned Lesnar/Reigns confrontation in New Orleans at WrestleMania 34 might not become a reality. But at least WWE will have some time to figure that out.

WWE seemed to have plenty of challengers set up for Brock until Mani too. With Samoa Joe being used early when Bruan Strowman went down due to an injury this would certainly move some puzzle pieces around. But WWE might have just cleared the table and decided to start from scratch. After all the planned Universal Title match for SummerSlam was Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman.

The thinking might be having Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion might have hurt Raw’s ratings due to the fact we never see him or the title. If plans change it is reported this might be the reason. Since Roman’s on Raw every week it could make more sense to switch the big red title to Reigns at this point. But Roman is going to need someone to defend his title against in the meantime until WrestleMania.

Roman has already beaten practically anyone WWE could put in front of him including Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and Braun Strowman which are all people Brock Lesnar was slated to face in-between SummerSlam and WrestleMania. This is just my take, but if Samoa Joe is the only one of the top contenders Roman hasn’t bested so far it might set up an even more interesting SummerSlam encounter if Joe is able to beat Lesnar in a surprise victory at Great Balls Of Fire.

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