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Huge Universal Championship match set for next week, Daniel Bryan finishing up with WWE SmackDown?



Cesaro closed the door on his feud with Seth Rollins this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Cesaro and Daniel Bryan won a tag team match after Rollins left tag team partner Jey Uso alone in the match. After the match, Cesaro swung Uso around the ring in an effort to get Roman Reigns to come out to accept his challenge for a Universal Title match.

At the end of SmackDown, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan got their wish and Roman Reigns walked out to the ring to address Cesaro's challenge. Reigns declined to accept Cesaro's challenge because he feels that Cesaro is not on his level but he did issue a challenge to Bryan because he doesn't like Bryan.

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The Reigns vs. Bryan match will take place next week on Friday Night SmackDown. Reigns said that he wants Bryan to disappear and never show up on SmackDown this week. Bryan accepted the challenge.

This is either Bryan's send-off as an active wrestler or he's moving to Raw. Bryan's contract is up in a couple of months and he has openly talked about wrapping up his full-time in-ring career soon but he has expressed interest in wrestling occasional matches for other promotions.