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Hulk Hogan admits to rumors of holding down younger WWE talent to stay on top

Hulk Hogan is slowly being lured back into association with the WWE. “The Hulkster” was reinstated into the WWE Hall Of Fame earlier this year. He is also reuniting with the nWo for special appearances, and there have been rumors that the faction could be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Recently, Hogan was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

During their conversation, Hogan was asked about the rumors that he held down younger talent to stay on top of the wrestling business. Hogan admitted that the rumors were, in fact, true, and are the reason he had such a lengthy run on top, as opposed to a Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock:

“Once I got in the spot, to keep the spot, that’s where the politics came in”, Hogan revealed. “Everybody goes, `Well, Hulk Hogan was a politician.’ Well, thank God I was.

“That’s why I made more money than anybody, that’s why I kept the belt longer, that’s why instead of a five or six or ten year run like The Rock or Stone Cold or different wrestlers, I had a 35 year run on top.”


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