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Hulk Hogan and family devastated after news about Vader's passing



Understandably, Hulk Hogan and his family are devastated after learning about the passing of Vader (Leon White) at 63 years old.

TMZ caught up with Hogan's kids just hours after the news broke. Brooke Hogan said that her father is very sad today. Nick Hogan said that they knew Vader because he was part of their childhood and he was a really nice guy. He said that Vader and Hulk became good friends and they were really upset when the heard the news.

Long-time fans will remember that Vader was one of Hogan's major opponents during his early run in WCW. They wrestled at SuperBrawl V and the following month at WCW Uncensored.

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Vader had been dealing with a number of health issues in recent years, most notably issues with his heart. His heart gave out on Monday after a battle with pneumonia.