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Hulk Hogan calls out John Cena and Steve Austin; says Austin has been a "constant bitch"

Hulk Hogan was on Toronto's KISS 92.5's Roz and Mocha show and talked about his beef with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that there's all these guys talking smack about everyone else. He said that there's this one guy that's a "constant bitch." He said that it's Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hogan said that he ran into Austin last week and asked him why hasn't this happened yet?

Hogan added, "when I came back with the NWO in '02 I was ready to go and it didn't happen. I know he had some health issues and stuff like that, but what's the problem now brother?...He can be a nasty scoundrel, i'm tellin' ya." Hogan also called out John Cena saying he'd like to wrestle him if he can't get a match with Austin. Hogan also denied breaking the engagement off between his daughter Brooke and Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa.

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