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Hulk Hogan explains recent fan incident, Ric Flair was involved

Hulk Hogan took to his Facebook account to give the fans the rundown on the fan altercation with a fan at a bar in the hotel where WWE Superstars were staying.

Hogan gave the “exact truth” about what happened. He says he went down for one drink at Ric Flair’s request. Hogan says Flair told him that things were calm at the bar.

Hogan says he arrived and Flair wanted to have just one drink before fans started approaching. Hogan says one guy came over and he was drunk. Hogan says the guy had a few friends with him and Flair ran him off. Hogan says the guy bought them Shirley Temple drinks as a way to mock Hogan and Flair for blowing him off.

Hogan says that on his way out of the bar, the guy was yelling at Hogan, “you’re a f**kin d**k.”

Hogan said that for some reason he decided to stop and say “the last time I had a Shirley Temple was when I was hanging with your wife.”

Hogan said he came up with that line after hearing Flair say it earlier. Hogan said that he dared the guy to go outside and Hogan started to notice the wrestlers getting in position to take action if the guy decided to take Hogan up on his offer to go outside.

Click here to see the video of the altercation.

You can hear Hogan talk about the incident in the video below:

Posted by Hulk Hogan on Saturday, October 26, 2019


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