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Hulk Hogan is getting shredded for one more WWE match at WrestleMania 36

Hogan took to Twitter on Saturday to show a photo of himself looking in pretty good shape.

As seen in the photo below, he has grown out his beard and he appears to be training hard again after his recent back surgery from a few months ago. Hogan teased that he’s getting in shape because WrestleMania is right around the corner.

Hogan is not joking about wanting one more match. In October, he told the Los Angeles Times that he wants one more match because he can’t live with the fact that his last match was in TNA.

Hogan said, “I talked to Vince, and I said I really don’t know if I could live with myself knowing my last match was with TNA. If I can get fixed, I pray I can have one more match. I told Vince, ‘When I get through this back surgery, I’m going to get in the best shape of my life and we’re going to talk about me having one last retirement match.'”

The last time Hogan wrestled was in a 6-man tag on 1/27/12 where he teamed with Sting and James Storm to defeat Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, and Bully Ray. I haven’t heard anything on plans for Hogan at WrestleMania but if he can get cleared, I suppose it’s possible that they could have him do something brief, perhaps in a tag team situation where he doesn’t have to take a bump.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Hogan teased that something big was about to go down. For what it’s worth, WrestleMania 36 will be happing in Tampa, near Hogan’s home and the NWO will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame that weekend. So, if he is going to have a proper retirement match then this year would be the best time.


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