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Hulk Hogan on Arsenio Hall Show recap: says he'd wrestle Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena

Hulk Hogan made his long awaited to return to the Arsenio Hall show. Before Hogan came out they showed him backstage putting on his feather boa. Brooke Hogan and Jimmy Hart were in the background.

Arsenio plugged WrestleMania and the WWE Network and then brought out Hulk Hogan. There were actually fans in the crowd with Hulk Hogan signs. I guess that's a first for the Arsenio Hall show. Arsenio asked him if he misses this (the crowd reaction). Hogan said that Arsenio is the real king of late night and then put the boa on Arsenio. Arsenio said that Vince McMahon made the right decision to bring Hulk back to shine the bright light on WWE like it used to be.

Arsenio pointed out Brooke Hogan and Jimmy Hart in the audience. The guy with Brooke was her boyfriend JT.

Hogan said that you meed alot of people on the way up and on the way down. He said that the last time they ran into each other that Arsenio put Mike Tyson in his face. Hulk jokingly asked "where's he at now?". Arsenio said Hulk is hard to intimidate.

Arsenio mentioned that Hulk is the host of WrestleMania and asked if Hulk would wrestle again. Hulk said "it can happen" and "you never say never." Hulk said that even at 60 years old he feels he can still do it. Someone in the audience said "you can brother." Hulk said that if he could wrestle anyone it would be John Cena. He said that he loves him to death. He also said that one of the matches that never happened was him against Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said Cena is a friend and he outta team up with Cena. Arsenio said he would pay to see him wrestle Vince.

Hulk talked about marrying Jennifer. This will be her first WrestleMania. Hulk talked about WrestleMania 1 and the match with him and Mr. T. He plugged the Hall of Fame and said no one realizes how important Mr. T was for WWE at the time. He said that the wrestlers wanted to kill him back then but if it wasn't for Mr. T you would still have the beer drinkers and cigar smokers at ringside and they'd still be wrasslers.

They went to commercial.

Back from the break. They showed a clip from Monday's Raw when Miz got beat up by Hulk Hogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Joe Manganiello Hulk said that it was cool working with Arnold. He said Miz only caught a little bit of Arnold's backhand. Hulk said he gave Miz a warning about Arnold's ring. He said he would not bring cameras in his home again. Arsenio asked if the reality show hurt the family. Hulk said that he doesn't know if it hurt it but it put gas on the first. He said they were dysfunctional. He said that they came back to him about a show and the kids and Linda wanted to do it and it made sense at the time but the pressure took a toll on some of the family. Hogan said that it's hard to be taken seriously after doing a reality show and you have to reprove yourself again. He said that Brooke has had to reprove herself.

Arsenio asked about Vince. Hulk said that they have 2 relationships and Vince is a straight up person and Vince has always been there for him. The business side of Vince is nothing but business and you don't cross the line with him and Hulk said that he kind of deviated from the friendship. He said that he and Vince had a "back and forth" and Hulk took the blame for the problems. Arsenio asks about the George Foreman grill story. Hulk said the story is true and that he didn't passed on the George Foreman grill. He just missed the phone call. Hulk said he was late picking up the call and Foreman got the call.

Arsenio asked about injuries. Hulk said he was knocked out by a girl once in Madison Square Garden by "Scary Sherri". He said that she was a tough cookie but the worst is the injuries after wrestling. Arsenio then plugged WrestleMania on the WWE Network. There was no talk about the infamous 1991 interview.

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