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Hulk Hogan on Steve Austin: "I've been chasing that guy for 25 years"

Hulk Hogan was interviewed on Monday by

Hogan talked about his desire to face Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring. He said, "I've been chasing that guy for 25 years," He added, "I would have liked to have tagged with him. And then turn on him right in the middle of it, and then he would have had to wrestle me."

The match almost happened in 2002 and Austin noted on his podcast that it was the original plan but Austin was not in the right mindset at the time and wasn't exactly friendly with Hogan at the time.

Hogan also talked about some of the opponents he's faced over the years. He said that Andre the Giant holds a special place in his heart. "My favorite one of all time has to be Andre; the one who changed the game for all of us."

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