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Hulk Hogan on talking with Randy Savage again before his death, Andre not liking Savage, Savage backstage stories, and more

There’s a great interview up on with Hulk Hogan talking about Macho Man Randy Savage. Hogan goes into detail about how Savage was backstage, his friendship with Savage, the fallout between the two, and he also talks about how the didn’t talk for 8 years before  Savage’s death. Hogan is happy that he got to reconcile with Savage shortly before his death.

When he was asked how they reconciled after so long he said that they ran into each other at the doctor’s office. Hogan noted that he was on his seventh or eighth back surgery and the doctor was telling Hogan that he may never walk again. Hogan talks about sitting in the doctor’s office when all of a sudden Randy walked in and that’s the first time they had spoken in eight years. That was a few months before his passing.

You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

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