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Hulk Hogan reflects on Vince McMahon pitching WWE Raw return

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan recently spoke about his return to Monday Night Raw as well as potential in-ring return during a recent interview with People where he also talked about a wide range of pro wrestling topics.

Hogan brought up how it was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon who contacted him about appearing on the January 7th episode of RAW in Orlando, FL at the Amway Center in order to cut a promo to reflect on the life and career of the late great fellow WWE Hall of Famer “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

This is where he then moved onto the passing of this pro wrestling legend.

“It felt like my Adam’s apple went backward or something, I couldn’t catch my breath. I guess my wife thought I was having a heart attack. It hit me so hard cause I just talked to him a couple weeks before about getting together the weekend when I came back from New Years.”

“The Hulkster also ruled out wrestling again inside of the ring. “I’m too old to wrestle. I embarrassed myself enough out there by moving too slow, so I don’t want to get back in there again.  I don’t think I could. I could probably wrestle somebody like John Cena or Vince McMahon, but as soon as I’d be done they’d be taking me straight to the hospital to fix something … the body’s too worn out for that.”


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