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Hulk Hogan says Jinder Mahal can be the 'new generation Hulk Hogan' if WWE gave him the right push

Hulk Hogan apparently has a new favorite wrestler and he says this person could be a major star in WWE with the right push.

Hogan posted a photo of himself with Jinder Mahal and praised him while putting him over as a potential top star. Hogan wrote on his social media accounts: "The old school respect with the new school #JinderMahal physicality, he’s a bad man brother, with the right push he could be the new generation Hulk Hogan, he’s got it all brother!!!!"

The 35 year old from Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a former United States Champion and former 24/7 Champion. He is also a former WWE Champion but that was during a time when WWE was making a big push in India.

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These days, Mahal is pushed as an undercard act. In recent weeks, he has lost several TV matches and he's been losing at house shows to names like Shinsuke Nakamura and Drew McIntyre.