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Hulk Hogan was considered for DX in 1998, Sting was supposed to be the 3rd NWO member

The latest Talk Is Jericho podcast features the Monday Night War Debate with Eric Bischoff and Bruce Pritchard that took place in late January of this year in Philadelphia before the Royal Rumble. There are a ton of stories told and I would highly recommend this podcast to everyone reading this.

Bischoff noted that Sting was originally supposed to be the third member of the NWO before Hulk Hogan agreed to turn heel. Bischoff goes into detail on a conversation he had with Hulk about a year before the NWO. He said that he tried to convince Hogan to turn heel but Hogan showed Bischoff the door.

Pritchard and Bischoff talk about the infamous Monday Night Raw episode where DX showed up at the arena where WCW was running Nitro.¬†Bischoff, who was in the ring when DX showed up at the arena so he wasn’t aware of what was happening at the time, says that his one regret is that he didn’t open the door and it would have been great television to see how things would have played out.

Pritchard talks about what the idea was behind the fake Diesel and fake Razor Ramon characters. Pritchard acknowledged that it was bad TV.

They also covered Bret Hart’s jump to WCW. Bischoff had a conversation about a year or so before Bret left to join WCW. They didn’t strike a deal but they began talking again later in 1997 and that’s when Bret decided to make the move. Bischoff said that Bret asked him about bringing a belt with him. Bischoff told him that it was not necessary and even if they wanted to have Bret show up with the WWF title they couldn’t do so because they were already in litigation over the incident where Madusa dumped the Women’s title in the trash on Nitro. Pritchard said that very few people in the WWF knew about Vince’s plan to screw Bret Hart out of the WWF title at Survivor Series 1997 and he talks about sitting in the guerilla position backstage with Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith. Pritchard didn’t say who knew but I believe that the only people that knew what was about to go down were Vince and Shawn (of course), Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, and Triple H. Brisco went over scenarios with Shawn at the hotel so Shawn could prepare himself in case Bret decided to shoot on him in the ring.

Bischoff talked about an idea that involved KISS and Gene Simmons. He says that the reason he brought Gene into WCW was because the plan was to have a pay-per-view on December 31, 1999 in Tempe, Arizona at the Sun Bowl. They wanted to do the event and time it in a way so that the finish was at 11:59pm. This was during the time when there was paranoia in the world about the Y2K bug and people thinking that the world was going to end. The idea was to have KISS performing at one end of the stadium and they would alternate between performances and matches. The reason it never happened was mostly because a lot of the production people didn’t want to work. The production people worked for Turner Broadcasting and not for WCW/Eric Bischoff.

Pritchard revealed that Hulk Hogan had expressed interest in returning to WWE around the time that Bret Hart was leaving to go to WCW. Hogan’s deal with WCW was about to finish up and there were talks going on between WWE and Hogan. One of the ideas that were considered for Hogan in the creative meetings was to have Hogan pass the torch to Steve Austin and Hogan would be the main guy in DX. Hogan ended up signing a new deal with WCW but you have to wonder how things would have turned out if Hogan would have made the jump back to WWE from WCW and how it would have impacted the Monday Night War.

As I said earlier, I highly recommend this podcast to everyone. You can listen to it by clicking below.

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