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Hulk Hogan’s comments about Hurricane Irma “crybabies” spark outrage on social media

Hulk Hogan is getting some heat again on social media. This time it’s for comments he made about the people dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. The former WWE/WCW Champion said that people affected complaining about not having power or water are crybabies. “No water, no power, crybabies, everyone’s complaining…” he wrote.

I understand what he was going for when he sent out those tweets but they came off as extremely insensitive considering that one of the big news stories to come out this week was about the eight elderly people that died in a nursing home in South Florida after they lost power and air conditioning during the storm.

The tweets sparked outrage from many people on social media, including one person who said: “60,000 homes without power here, haven’t seen a crybaby yet, just people helping their neighbors. and what are you doing to help?”

Another person wrote: “I think I know what you meant, but poor choice of words…brother.”

Hogan’s comments have since been picked up by several major media outlets including the NY Daily News, Washington Post, and Tampa Bay Online. If he wants to get back in WWE’s good graces, then he might want to consider getting someone to manage his social media. Meanwhile, a current WWE star suffered a huge loss during the hurricane (click here to read more).

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