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Hulk Hogan’s comments led to Kevin Nash losing money over NWO royalties

The Taz and Ric Flair podcasts are doing big numbers and Mike Tenay’s podcast is also doing well. Tenay’s podcast is on sports betting and he never talks about pro wrestling. Dave Meltzer noted that with TNA’s future being uncerain, Tenay’s podcast is his next career move.

Eric Bischoff is the guest on this week’s “WOOOOO! Nation” with Ric Flair and it’s really good. Flair and Bischoff had so much fun that they will be doing a second part for next week. Bischoff talks about getting started in the business, working for Verne Gagne and going bankrupt before he was hired by WCW in 1991, his tryout with the WWF in 1991, WCW stories, stories of the North Korea tour from 1995, how Flair helped to get Hulk Hogan in touch with Eric Bischoff in 1994 to get him sigend with WCW, the AOL/Time Warner deal that took Ted Turner out of the equation and ultimately led to the end of WCW and a lot of other cool notes that haven’t been talked about in previous interviews. Bischoff also talks about all of the stories that have circulated in recent years about the contracts of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in WCW.

Flair told a story about Rick Rude and Ultimate Warrior getting into a fight in the locker room in 1990. Bischoff and Flair talk about the time that Rick Rude refused to hand over the NWA International title and Bischoff had to go out to Rude’s car to get the belt from him even though Rude had a gun with him.

Flair noted that Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash own 50% of NWO merchandise, a deal that was likely made before WCW closed down. He says that WWE had taken the NWO merchandise off shelves and off after Hulk Hogan’s comments got out in late July and Nash went crazy over it because he owned 34% (Hall owned a percentage but Nash bought out his share). Apparently, Kevin flew up to Stamford and an agreement was made to put the NWO merchandise back in stock. The NWO merchandise is back up at this link.

Flair and Bischoff were at odds for years in WCW but have become friends in recent years. You can listen to that podcast by clicking here.

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