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“I guarantee you she did not like that at all” — Miesha Tate on Ronda Rousey UFC losses being mentioned on WWE TV

Thanks to the folks at SiriusXM’s MMA Tonight for the following:

On SiriusXM’s MMA Tonight this evening, host Miesha Tate had this to say to fellow host Sean O’Connell in regards to Ronda Rousey’s MMA losses being brought up as part of a WWE storyline:

“I am so shocked that Ronda allowed that to happen. I just for some reason picture her having such a problem with that being in the script and knowing that that was going to be said ahead of time, I really feel like that deep down has to burn her cookies, but for whatever reason she’s not in the same position to pull as much weight around as she was in the UFC being she’s just starting her WWE career. So she probably just had to suck it up and allow for that to be said. But I guarantee you she did not like that at all.”

“I still think if she had enough say-so, she wouldn’t have let it happen. I really know that she has a problem with this but I don’t think she had a choice.”

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