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If Rey Mysterio is still under contract then why is he not wrestling? (Details)

Some fans online have been wondering why WWE is not using on WWE TV if he’s legally obligated to stay with the company until his contract expires. As noted before, WWE chose to extend his deal even after Triple H told him that he was free to leave. There was a handshake deal until Vince McMahon told Mysterio that they would enforce a clause in the contract that allows them to extend his deal because of time owed to them from his injuries.

Well, the reason he’s not wrestling is because the situation between WWE and Mysterio is really bad right now. Mike Sempervive noted on the Wrestling Observer forum that there  are some really heated and nasty feelings between Mysterio and WWE right now. Mysterio does have two strikes on his record for wellness policy violations. When asked, Dave Meltzer said that Mysterio is probably not someone to fail a test on purpose to get fired because of the negative attention it will get and it just wouldn’t look good for his image especially since he’s popular with kids.


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