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If you want to complain to WWE then here is their email address



We have gotten a ton of emails from fans that watched Raw last night from home and some email from people that were at the show. I know that the product leaves a lot to be desired but if you want to complain then I would suggest that you send emails to

Apparently, those emails get forwarded to Vince McMahon so that is the best way to show your frustration. I think the talent knows that they are being handed bad material from WWE creative and they do have a solid roster and Roman Reigns is actually a good promo when he's allowed to be himself.

I just hope that the recent ratings decline causes management to really shake things up. Bringing in Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno is ok but WWE needs a complete overhaul if they plan on getting some of their viewers back. Did I mention that Raw will be in Philly next week?

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