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If you were wondering…everything John Cena and Roman Reigns said was a legit shoot (updated)

UPDATE: Apparently, the writers approved what was said on Raw. Click here to read more.

ORIGINAL: So, for those of you wondering how much of that promo on Raw was real, it looks like John Cena was really shooting. I mean, everything he said came off as a shoot so there should be little doubt but Peter Rosenberg, who appears on the WWE Kickoff shows and Bring It To The Table on the WWE Network, confirmed that Cena was shooting and there was nothing scripted during that segment.

I know that there has been some frustration within WWE because the fans have not accepted Reigns. Cena is a part-timer and continues to be the biggest merchandise seller in the company – far ahead of Reigns and the only real difference maker with live event ticket sales is Cena.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea cut down the supposed next franchise player but perhaps this was a message being sent by Vince McMahon (via Cena). On the flip side, the things Reigns said about Cena are things that people have been saying privately about him so I would bet that there were people backstage that were happy with what he said.

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