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Impact/TNA Wrestling footage aired on the WWE Network after Raw

Fans that were watching the WWE Network on Monday night are probably thinking that hell froze over. Why would I say that? Because actual wrestling footage from Impact Wrestling aired during Table For 3.

This week’s show featured Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, and AJ Styles. The men shared stories about their kids and their career and that included match clips. Some of those clips were from Styles and Angle’s days in TNA Wrestling. The clips featured a logo for Impact Wrestling’s Global Wrestling Network streaming service and a graphic at the end of the show encouraging fans to watch all of the AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle matches on the GWN app.

Impact Wrestling fans can rest easy because WWE is not buying them. In an effort to get their product out to as many fans as possible, Impact has relaxed their rules on allowing their footage shown elsewhere. They are in a rebuilding phase and they are attempting to create relationships with other companies. The GWN mention could be part of the deal that allows WWE to show early “Broken” Matt Hardy footage on the Hardy Boyz DVD.


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