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Impact Wrestling's Sami Callihan calls out Chris Jericho, Ring Of Honor and All In

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling's Twitter account has posted a video has posted a video of Sami Callihan arriving for the Saturday night TV tapings in Windsor, Ontario.

Callihan said that he does not care who he offends and he'll show up anywhere to create a ruckus. He said "I don't care if it's All In. I don't care if it's the Chris Jericho cruise. A cruise I didn't even get booked on which is bullshit."

Callihan continued, "Chris Jericho are you just afraid of Sami Callihan. Ring Of Honor are you afraid of making money with 'The Draw' Sami Callihan? That is my question. I am sick of being disrespected."

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That wasn't the end of it. Callihan added, "The only bigger bitches than Impact management is Ring Of Honor and Chris Jericho."

For the record, we have heard nothing about Jericho and/or Ring Of Honor working with Impact Wrestling. In fact, Impact reached out to ROH and NJPW earlier this year but they declined. Jericho has said that he would not work against WWE in the United States but it is worth noting that Jericho is close friends with Don Callis. Maybe this is the start of an angle or maybe this is just a grandstand challenge to get some eyeballs on Impact. We'll see.

Check out the video below: