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In a rare interview, Martha Hart talks about a prank Owen Hart pulled on her and much more

Owen Hart Foundation/WWE

Owen Hart Foundation/WWE

Martha Hart is the guest this week on "Talk Is Jericho" with Chris Jericho. Martha will be featured on Tuesday's "Dark Side Of The Ring" on Owen Hart.

Martha said she agreed to participate in "Dark Side Of The Ring" because the producers from the show reached out and he gave really good and thoughtful responses to questions she asked of him. She said that the producers were so honest and upfront and all of the right things were said. Martha says she feels that although there was not enough time to dig into every detail, she feels the documentary told the story that needed to be told about Owen.

Owen was known for his legendary pranks and Martha said she was not spared from some of his crazy practical jokes.

Martha said, "One thing that he did to me that just drove me crazy [was] he knew that I was afraid of know how you have your tea and it's hooked to the bag and hooked on a string. So he would take it and he would tape it into the cupboard so when I would open the cupboard door it would swing out at me. Just silly harmless things like that. It would just be like 'oh my god' just little pranks all the time, you know."

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She added, "Oje has a lot of the same sort of humor and characteristics that his dad does. What used to kind of annoy me with Owen I kind of find it endearing in Oje. I like that it's like 'oh, okay you got that trait from your dad.'"

There will be an encore presentation of "Dark Side of the Ring" with bonus footage that will air a week after the initial airing. The encore will cover some of Owen's pranks.

During the podcast, Martha talks about her love affair with her late great husband Owen, meeting him at 15-years old, being introduced to the Hart Family, what it was like for Owen when Bret left the WWF in 1997, Owen's favorite foods and movies, and much more.

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