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Incident with Vince McMahon led to the firing of WWE SmackDown lead writer



On Wrestling Observer Radio, there were some additional details provides on the firing of lead SmackDown writer Christopher DeJoseph.

Ringside News reported on Saturday that COVID-19 budget cuts had nothing to do with his firing and the decision was made due to "highly unprofessional behavior." Dave Meltzer provided more details on WOR on Sunday.

Meltzer said, "It was a disciplinary thing. I don't know all the details but I know it was a disciplinary thing. He had just gotten a promotion very recently."

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Meltzer added, "Something happened with Vince and I don't know exactly what it was but he was let go. He was fired on Friday. Everyone got the word on Friday afternoon."

DeJoseph had a lead writer title and worked alongside the other lead writer Ed Koskey and under Bruce Prichard. DeJoseph had just returned to the company in December after a string of tweets where he criticized AEW. DeJoseph is in a tough spot if he wants to continue being a writer in the wrestling business because AEW would be the other place to go to make big money but AEW does not have writers and he may have burned that bridge with his tweets.

DeJoseph sent out the following tweet on Thursday so it looks like there were no issues at the time, or at least he did not think there were any issues. SmackDown was taped on Tuesday which may indicate that the issue with McMahon happened after the show was taped. McMahon has conference calls with the writers late in the week to figure out the direction for the following week of shows.

He also retweeted this tweet from MLW's Court Bauer. DeJoseph was working for MLW before he was signed by WWE.

DeJoseph has not yet commented on the reports of his firing from WWE.