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Injured WWE Superstar could be returning soon



An injury is never expected and something that needs to be avoided at all costs but you can never control the unexpected events life will throw at you when you're a WWE Superstar. Alicia Fox had plans to be in the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble but she injured herself while training for the match and has been out of action since then with a tailbone injury.

She didn't get to be a part of the first-ever Woman's Royal Rumble and it looks like she'll miss Money In The Bank this year as well. But you never know when Alicia Fox could return because it looks like she could be ready to come back at any time.

PW Insider confirmed Alicia Fox was in Albany last week for Raw and she will be backstage this week as well and it is noted she is booked for "some upcoming TV tapings" as well meaning she might be backstage at a few upcoming events. Whether or not she will be used is another story but you never know when WWE Creative might find something for her to do if she's been cleared to return.

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Foxy hasn't been featured much on television but made headlines during WrestleMania Weekend after getting into to a confrontation with Ronda Rousey's husband Travis Browne. The video went viral and some thought maybe the veteran Raw Superstar was bound to be "future endeavored" but it looks like she could be gearing up for a return of some kind. If anything, she might be good fodder to put Ronda Rousey over if they decided to go that direction.