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Injury update on The Usos and Naomi



As noted a few days ago, Naomi and The Usos have been off TV because Naomi and Jey Uso were dealing with ankle injuries. They were scheduled to return this past weekend and they were backstage at Smackdown Live this week but they were not used. Jey confirmed his ankle injury on this week's episode of Talking Smack.

They were talking about wanting to challenge for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship so it looks like they are almost ready to return. On Talking Smack, they told Daniel Bryan that they would be willing to step in for The Hype Bros in a couple of weeks with The Wyatts defend their title. Bryan said that he would want them to face someone so they could earn a title shot but everything was up in the air. Obviously, they will have to find new opponents for The Wyatts in a couple of weeks since Zack Ryder will be on the shelf for a while as he recovers from surgery.

The Usos are scheduled for the MSG show on 12/26 but Naomi is not listed, as of right now, for any shows.

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