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Inmate charged with stealing Brian Christopher Lawler’s identity

WMC Action News in Memphis is reporting that an inmate at the Hardeman County Jail has been charged with stealing Brian Christopher Lawler’s identity. Danterriaus Jones is accused of using Lawler’s social security number to make calls after Lawler’s death. However, the attorney for the man accused and Lawler’s family say that the charges don’t add up.

Jones’ attorney Michael Floyd says “It’s my understanding, he wanted his parents to come see about him.” He added, “I think it’s really strange.”

Jones was in the cell next to Lawler when a fight broke out hours before his death. According to the affidavit, Lawler gave Jones his PIN, social security number and his mother’s phone number and Lawler wanted Jones to call his mother because “Brian has been assaulted and had a concussion and he wants his dad to know.”

Jones allegedly called his own family several times two weeks after Lawler was found hanging in his jail cell. Ted Hansom, the attorney for Jerry Lawler said that he doesn’t know who the complaining party is. “Certainly not Brian Lawler as to the heirs of Brian Lawler, it doesn’t indicate any of them asserted a claim.”

Hansom says that the charges could be looked at as intimidation and the affidavit states that the use of Lawler’s number without lawful authority was an attempt to deprive Lawler’s estate of its property. “We’ve also received information from various sources there here have been attempts to intimidate any potential witnesses to what occurred or did not occur,” Hansom said.

Jerry Lawler still has questions about the circumstances of his son’s death and the investigation from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is ongoing.

Jerry says that he would have bailed Brian out of jail on a DUI charge but the sheriff assured him that jail is the best place for Brian to be. “I’ll keep personally an eye out for Brian and he’ll be safe the last words he’ll be safe.” Lawler says is what was told to him by the sheriff.

This is an odd story. Watch the video below for more on this story.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee


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