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Insane Clown Posse issue an apology to Vince McMahon and everybody in WWE



Corey Graves welcomed Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J, The Insane Clown Posse, as his guests on "After The Bell" to talk about their music, their time in WWE and WCW, and the independent scene.

Here are some highlights:

ICP were doing independent shows before and during their music careers, as well as before going to WWE:

“We still did events on the side while we were full on rapping. Music overtook, definitely without question, we decided we wanted to do music, but we already manifested the proper amount of energy towards being wrestlers when WWE contacted us about doing the ring music for The Oddities.”

“What you have to understand is the exact time he’s talking about, right before we got called, we were still putting on our own independent shows in Detroit and clubs. We would be the main event on it and we knew how to work.”

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“When WWE contacted us about doing the music for The Oddities, we were like, ‘Do you guys know that we wrestle?’ They had no idea that we were ever independent wrestlers or anything like that. Next thing you know, they flew us out to Stamford and we wrestled right there. We wrestled Tom Prichard. We did the match right there and they videotaped it for Vince. Next thing you know, we debuted at SummerSlam in Madison Square Garden”

On leaving WWE:

“The only thing I regret is walking out on WWE. The way we left was so lame. I’m not trying to get any brownie points or anything, I swear to you, but I would like to cordially apologize to everybody, not just Vince, but anybody who was involved that night in production and everything when we walked out on them. We were supposed to go out to the ring, and instead, we walked out the side door. We were following our manager's orders pretty much. I don’t know what happened.”

On going to WCW:

“It was so awesome. In one way or the other we ended up in Nitro, but it was so cool when we got to Nitro. We met Vampiro and everything was so cool with Vampiro. I guess we had a lot of heat in WWE. None of the boys knew that we were workers. They thought we were just some rappers that got thrown in there and were trying to wrestle. We definitely didn’t get treated like one of the boys, but I’m sure it probably could have got a lot harder. In WCW, everything was really cool In WCW, we had a great time. We started to hang out with Vampiro and we just hit it off like crazy with Vampiro and with Raven.”

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