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Big changes coming when Smackdown moves to USA in January

Smackdown has a few months left on SyFy before they move to USA Network in January. We all know how these things turn out and there should be more emphasis on the show once it moves to USA but it will be interesting to see if they continue to focus on the show after WrestleMania season. History shows us that every major move (UPN to CW, CW to MyNetwork TV, MyNetwork TV to SyFy) they put extra emphasis on the show but that fades away after a few months and the show becomes an afterthought.

Dave Meltzer notes that we should be seeing some interesting changes on the show in January and they are looking for a new look to the show and some new ideas.

I think one thing they could do is have that show be the show that focuses on the Intercontinental title. The show can still be treated as a big deal but they can put a bigger spotlight on some of the wrestlers that don’t get too much time on Raw. Daniel Bryan’s idea (earlier this year) was to be the guy the top guy on Smackdown as the Intercontinental champion. It would elevate the title and elevate a crop of wrestlers as opposed to just spotlighting the same names week after week on Raw.


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