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Interesting match being considered as tonight's main event for WWE Clash of Champions

WWE Clash of Champions

There is a good chance that one of the top championship matches will not close out tonight's Clash of Champions.

In fact, it looks like an undercard non-title match could end up being the main event.

The Wrestlevotes insider news account is reporting that there's been serious consideration being given to having Erick Rowan vs. Roman Reigns close out the show. As of yesterday, that match was listed on the run sheet as going on last.

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Of course, there is still time for the run sheet to be changed but the fact that Rowan vs. Reigns is being considered to be the main event could be an indication that they have a big angle planned. For weeks, WWE teased that Daniel Bryan was the one who attacked Roman Reigns backstage with a forklift and with a car but Rowan ended up outed as the alleged perpetrator.

If there is a major swerve coming then that could be why they would want the match to go on last.

We'll have complete Clash of Champions coverage tonight.